My Home Bhooja Luxury apartment

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My Home Bhooja Luxury apartment is at Hi-tech city, which is Heart for Tech companies. Our Client Owned a 3BHK Flat of 2024sqft and he want make his home more passionate with Luxury Interior design. So, with our perfect team of Modern interior design, the interior designers understood the Idea of our client and executed a passionate interior design to make his home more perfect.

Let’s look into Modern interior design of this perfect house at Hi-tech city.

The Apartment has 3 Bedrooms, one living room, one drawing room and Kitchen area along with Dinning area.

The Entrance of Flat has drawing area with the love seat sofa’s and dedicated TV wall with wardrobes. So that people can settle down for a while after having a busy day at work. The Drawing area has chandelier light setup, laser blade light setup and art work slings with some interior decorators to create ambient feel.

After Moving from Drawing room lord Venkateshwara art and the lavish goldish marble stone finish will welcome people into beautiful and perfect home.  

The Living Area is place, where people will spend their quality time with Family members and friends. So, we designed living area interior in ambient way. It has dedicated a TV wall with all wardrobes and the sectional or modular sofa set along with the ottoman and The Arm chairs.

The Kitchen and Dining area are adjacent to living area. The Kitchen was designed in U shape way with all required and essential wardrobes that are Lacquer Finished. The Dining area has stone finished dining table along with Fabrics chairs with chandelier light.

As per client request, we have approached client family members and considered opinions and interests of them and designed every bedroom in different way. The Kids Bedroom has cool and vibrant themed bedroom. The master bedroom and parents’ bedroom have Warm and lavish themed bedrooms. All bedrooms have dedicated tv wall and Lacquer Finish Wardrobes with all essentials. All bedrooms have Synthetic artwork ceiling and Hanging Lights setups, blazer light setups along with different types of art works as per client’s taste.

The Complete flat has laser blade light setups and some areas have cove lighting setups. All Rooms have Automated Fabric curtains and louver blinds. Most of the Interiors are imported from different countries to create perfect Home and beautiful home for our client.

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